Putney Dinners Treated To Thai Dancing & Puppetry

Part of the Proud to Be Thai celebrations at Thai Square

Thai Square - Putney Bridge
2-4 Lower Richmond Road, SW15 1LB
020 8780 1811

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The ancient art of puppetry came alive at the stunning Thai@round event at Thai Square Restaurant last Thursday to celebrate Thai fever throughout London. 

As part of its ‘Proud to be Thai’ project, the Thai Square Restaurant group are showcasing Thai traditions by bringing ‘Hun Lakorn Lek’ the Thai Theatrical Puppet show in the form of the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre show .






Guests were captivated by the sheer skill that the puppeteers demonstrated who are extremely accomplished in the art of Thai drama and dance with up to three individuals assigned to manipulate a single small theatrical puppet.  They were able to mimic a range of human gestures and express emotions. For example, the puppets moved their wrists to 'wai' (a greeting gesture in Thai culture), embraced to show affection, pointed their fingers and clapped, shook their heads and nodded.  There were also a series of exquisite Thai dance performances.

July 12, 2011