SWIB Is Now Here In Putney

A national network for professional women

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Supporting Women in Business (SWIB) is a national network for professional women where they can meet contacts in friendly and supportive meetings, grow confidence and increase self-empowerment.

It was founded in 2009 in Warwickshire by the entrepreneur Simone Ryder, who felt passionately that women have the capacity to network in a natural way, tapping into their ability to empathise and support others with authenticity. It is about the people and the values we all share, whether you are just starting out in business, looking to change your career or building your business up to the next level. Since then SWIB membership has grown consistently because it offers something different to intelligent business women who want to share and feel empowered. SWIB groups are increasing, too. The groups are all led by qualified, experienced business women who also have experience in coaching people to lead a better career and life. SWIB is free to join and members can attend any SWIB meeting in the country for just £15.

SWIB SW London is the first SWIB group in London. It has been set up by Doulla Manolas, a freelance business change agent, who attended a SWIB meeting in Warwickshire and was taken by how friendly, motivational and supportive it was. At the time, SWIB did not have any groups in London. Following further meetings and discussions with the SWIB founder, she is now an associate leader of SWIB and will be bringing SWIB to SW London where professional women in Putney, Wandsworth and Wimbledon can also benefit from the rich network and forums that SWIB holds and engage in the friendly, motivating and supportive meetings that are being held.

The first meeting for SWIB SW London will be held Wednesday 19 September at Strada, Upper Richmond Road, from 18:00 to 20:30. With the current economic climate and the success of the Olympics still in the air, the topic of the meeting is

"How to position yourself to attract clients and earn higher fees"

Sign up for it at www.supportingwomen.co.uk/meetings where you will learn more about the event. Sign up is simple and easy to do and you can browse the meetings that will be taking place up and down the country, not just in London. With your support, the SWIB forum and the benefits it brings will continue to grow. Come along to the September meeting and experience a SWIB meeting for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

August 24, 2012