From Mud & Moss To Perfect Lawn In One Day- the Diary of a Putney Lawn!

Years of shade, football and a puppy led to drastic makeover in this SW15 garden

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I have always been relatively proud of my garden but the lawn has always driven me to distraction - this final straw was a puppy last year - absolutely gorgeous but the lawn has not survived... not digging simply acidic burns leaving yellow patches in between the moss (the problem with a female dog).

A neighbour has installed Easigrass on their front lawn - gone are the days of pea green plastic, I was impressed and made the call - not a cheap installment but then neither has the turfing, patching, moss killer etc etc been!

Having checked out the enviromental imapact - rain water soaks through, the shock absorber is made of recycled rubber & plastic products



I have been impressed by the service provided by local firm Easigrass - the quote was emailed on the day having left a sample of the "grass" to show the family - with a hard copy arriving the next day in the post.

The fitting was booked - and despite concerns that I would end up with a football pitch look? Would the dog respect it? Would I simply hate it?! Easigrass called to say they could start the work a day early - they arrived promptly and by the time I was back from school (about 20 minutes) they had already removed all the dead turf and top soil not only from the garden but from the street.

I was intrigued and so out came the camera......From this stage there were 5 processes to ensure the perfect "lawn":

- edging

- grit & sand

- compacting

- shock absorber


The team were charming and unobtrusive - I was probably more annoying asking questions and taking photos! They hosed down the sand and mud from the passageway taking away all the rubbish and the job was complete by 6.30pm.

The garden certainly looks neater (& greener!) - the lawn mower has been donated to a friend making much needed space in the shed - all you need is a stiff broom to sweep up leaves etc & a hose to wash down any mess left by cats dogs or Putney's urban foxes. I may not get the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer but then I won't have to nag my teenage son to do the mowing nor will I get the experience of walking barefoot on the grass - but then again how often do you do that living in Putney?! I now have a lawn that has an eight year guarentee but a life expectation of 10 - 15 years lets hope we have that promised and much longed for BBQ & rose summer so we can enjoy it!.......


March 30, 2010