Putney Dentist Receives Over £2000 Fine For Misuse Use Of Blue Badge

Too busy to transfer his business parking permit he used a dead mans badge


Mr Patel's Ferrari photographed by WBC

Judge Rules Dentist Must Face Fraud Charges (June '11)

Dentist Uses Dead Man's Blue Badge On His Ferrari
(Oct '10)

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In October last year we reported on the Putney dentist who used a blue badge to park his Ferrari despite the badge belonging to the father of his business partner who had died 16 months earlier.

In December '09 Dr Patel was witnessed parking his £140,000 red ferrari california in Montserrat Road, just around the corner from his dental practice in Putney High Street.

At the South Western Magistrates Court last week Patel admitted using the permit on six occasions in December 2009 and pleaded guilty to two counts of misusing the badge but denied a charge of fraud - the charge was dropped by prosecutors on the day as his trial was due to begin. He was fined £700 on each count and ordered to pay £784 costs plus a £15 victim surcharge, amounting to £2,199.

The reason Mr Patel gave for using the blue badge was that he had recently exchanged a Bentley
for the Ferrari California convertible, which meant that his £540-a-year Wandsworth business parking permit became invalid while it was transferred to the new vehicle. However it would have cost nothing but a phone call to get a temporary permit to cover the transition period but instead Mr Patel used the badge which had been invalid since 2008.

Mr Patel's defence lawyer told the court that Mr Patel's reputation had suffered following the incident. He has received emails and letters from patients:
'He expresses his remorse, shame and embarrassment at the matter. He has been branded a skinflint, a miser and a cheat. He has been mocked as a cheap skate worthy to be despised". 

He continued:

"This was an offence that was committed by a man who was not hungry for money, but hungry for time."

In response to growing levels of blue badge abuse, the Wandsworth Council's permit fraud team have successfully prosecuted 360 drivers who have been convicted of just under 1,400 offences. These motorists have been ordered to pay the public purse more than £428,000 in fines and costs. Anyone with information about motorists misusing blue badges can contact the council's team of investigators by calling freephone number 0800 085 0866 or emailing parking@wandsworth.gov.uk

September 11, 2011