'Apology of the Year' Award Goes To Famous Putney Resident

The Spectator magazine award to Nick Clegg


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Putney resident & Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has won the award for 'Apology of the Year' from The Spectator magazine.

Nick Clegg 'apologises' on YouTube

The award is a result of the remix by satirical website The Poke of his apology regarding his pledge to scrap university tuition fees. More than two million people have watched it on YouTube.

The Spectator editor Fraser Nelson said: "Once, being a politician meant never having to say you were sorry. Now, the apology has become a political art form – and the judges felt it was time to acknowledge this with a new category. The standards are now set pretty high. It needs to be your fault: you can’t apologise an ancient wrongdoing like the Black Death or Cliff Richard’s Millennium Prayer. It needs to hurt: you need to actually expend some political capital. And you need to be visibly uncomfortable while doing it. Voters need to see you squirm. A few MPs have ticked all these boxes. But only one did so in a song that went around the world. Now, Nick Clegg can’t be here today – he sends his apology (it was quite good, had a bit of a Spanish tempo this time, and Miriam on the castanets)."

November 23, 2012