Woz was a Putney Hooligan

In a recent interview with Barbara Davies of The Mirror Celebrity Chef admitted to being "a latch-key kid. I'm not pulling out the violins," he said, "but I was basically on the streets on the days when my mother went to work. "A neighbour fed me at lunchtime, but she wouldn't want me in her house all day so she'd kick me out and I'd hang around Putney Common throwing mini pots of Humbrol paint at buses."

His parents Joanna Duncan and Michael Worrall Thompson were both actors but they separated when he was a baby and he lived with his mother but whilst "she indulged her love of the theatre " he remembers running riot around Putney.

Worrall Thompson is now famous for his restaurants, cook shows and antics in Australia whilst filming "I'm a celebrity get me out of here!"

19th September 2003

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