'Nasty Neighbour' Evicted

Middle-aged man continued harassing his neighbours


Nasty Neighbour Gets Jail Warning

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In April Mr Moradifard from Roehampton was warned that he faced eviction and has now been evicted from his council flat following a campaign of harassment against his neighbours.

Farzad Moradifard was ordered to leave his flat Dunhill Point in Dilton Gardens after a judge at the county court heard that he had repeatedly threatened and intimidated people living in his neighbourhood.

The court heard that the 43-year-old was responsible for numerous incidents of noise nuisance, had damaged other people’s front doors, shouted, sworn at and threatened people, hurled objects onto the ground from his balcony and damaged the lift in his block.

As well as evicting Mr Moradifard, the council has also secured an injunction against him to prevent him returning to the area and causing any other problems.

The judge granted an injunction containing an exclusion zone banning him from the area of Roehampton bordered by Alton Road to the north and east, Roehampton Lane to the west and Kingston Vale to the south. If he breaches the terms of the injunction he could be held in contempt of court and face arrest and an immediate prison sentence.

Cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said: “This individual has paid a heavy price for the despicable behaviour he’s displayed towards other people living in his neighbourhood. He has lost his council home and because he has been evicted for anti-social behaviour no other local council or housing association is likely to offer him new accommodation. This door has been firmly closed on him.

“People who cause these kinds of problems should be under no illusion about the likely fate that awaits them. We will not sit back and allow tenants who live in our properties to behave in an unacceptable way towards other residents.”

Victims of anti-social behaviour in Wandsworth can get help and advice from the town hall. Council tenants or leaseholders who need assistance should call (020) 8871 6829. People living in privately-owned accommodation should call (020) 8871 8894.

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May 24, 2013