Council Threatens Noisy Neighbour With Eviction

Ashburton estate resident fined after a series of "loud and boisterous late-night parties"


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Natalie Taylor of Hayward Gardens on Putney’s Ashburton estate has now been warned that if she carries on disturbing her neighbours with late night noise nuisance she could lose her council flat.

Magistrates heard that Ms Taylor was served with a noise abatement notice in February 2010 following a number of noisy parties where neighbours were subjected to loud music, shouting and general disturbance.

Unfortunately there was little or no improvement in her behaviour and over the course of the following months further parties were regularly held which often carried on into the early hours. Housing patrol officers who responded to the noise complaints often reported that people living nearby would have found it impossible to sleep.

Finally last November, another rowdy party was held and when a housing patroller called at Ms Taylor’s flat to ask her to turn the music off, she refused to answer the door and instead turned the volume up.

Wandsworth’s cabinet member for housing Cllr Paul Ellis said:
“This is a very poor record of behaviour. Ms Taylor is sailing very close to the wind and if she doesn’t stop causing disturbance to her neighbours she faces the very real risk of losing her council home.”

In court Ms Taylor admitted breaching the Environmental Protection Act 1990. After hearing her circumstances magistrates in Richmond ordered her to pay £85 in fines and court costs.

Anyone suffering noise nuisance on a Wandsworth housing estate should call the council's 24 hour emergency response team on (020) 8871 7490. For other properties, including commercial properties, call (020) 8871 6170 during normal office hours or the noise patrol on (020) 8871 7869 at all other times.

May 16, 2012