22 Year Old Woman Faces Eviction From Roehampton Home

Already fined by magistrates her flat is next unless she ceases 'causing nuisance'

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A woman from Roehampton has been fined by magistrates and could now lose her council flat after plaguing her neighbours with late night parties and other disturbances.

Melissa Crispino of Bramley House in Tunworth Crescent was fined £115 and ordered to pay £108 costs after being prosecuted by the council's housing department.

South Western magistrates heard that Miss Crispino had caused numerous late night disturbances, including playing loud music, shouting and banging doors. There have also been a series of complaints about her dumping rubbish sacks in the communal hallway of her block. As well as presenting a fire risk, these piles of bin bags have also obstructed emergency escape routes.

As well as taking the 22-year-old to court, the council has also now initiated the first steps in eviction proceedings, meaning that unless Miss Crispino ceases causing nuisance to her neighbours, she faces being evicted from her flat.

Housing spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said:
"This tenant is fast running out of chances. If she doesn’t stop making a nuisance of herself, then it's pretty inevitable that she will lose her flat.
The council will not sit idly by and allow this type of anti-social behaviour to continue."

The court heard that Miss Crispino was first warned about late night noise following a loud party at her flat in March. As well as loud music neighbours complained about shouting and rubbish being thrown out her front door into communal walkways. A corridor window was also smashed by a guest.

More noisy parties that carried on into the early hours were also held in May and early June.

On June 9, Miss Crispino was served with a noise abatement notice, warning her that she would face legal action if she caused further disturbances.

However this was ignored and another noisy party was held at her flat ten days later on June 19. Neighbours later reported that the loud music and shouting continued until 5.30am.

If you are experiencing noise nuisance on a housing estate call the council's 24 hour emergency response team on (020) 8871 7490. For other properties, including commercial properties, call (020) 8871 6170 during normal office hours or the noise patrol on (020) 8871 7869 at all other times.



September 29, 2010