UKIP campaign gives a new slant

with the launch of the Polly Titian campaign


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Check up on Polly

Anthony Gahan, Putney's candidate for the UK Independence Party, has launched the Polly Titian campaign to give Putney's residents a rest from the dull and repetitive electioneering of the other main parties.

"Polly Titian is a fictional character linking together a series of short films making serious points about some of the key issues facing the British electorate but in a fun way. 

The first one introduces Polly and warns of the perils of spin - something we are all too familiar with these days.  Putney voters will be be seeing more of

Polly in the next few weeks as she highlights more issues which our politicians need to address.  Polly has already travelled all over the world via the internet so Putney is getting even more attention than usual - rightly so!".

April 29, 2005