Olympic Hopeful? Why Not Join New Local Swimming Club

St Paul's Barnes Swimming Club opens in September and will need swimmers!

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With the 2012 Olympics just three years away, a new swimming club is off the blocks to promote excellence in swimming and nurture local talent. The St. Paul 's Barnes Swimming Club, based at St Paul 's School in Barnes, is set to make a splash by promising to become the centre for top level swimming in London .

The new venture will be a community club open to all competitive swimmers – boys and girls, seniors and masters. It's part of a longstanding tradition of the prestigious independent boys school to share its facilities with the local community.

Martin Steven, High Master at St Paul 's School. said, “We want to open our outstanding facilities to enable all our swimmers – not just St. Paul 's boys – to reach new standards of excellence”. The St Paul 's Barnes Swimming Club aims to get the best out of each and every swimmer – whether it's an Olympic medal, or a personal best performance at local, regional or national level.

“Be the best that you can be” is the motto of Head Coach Tony Pearce, who has drawn up a highly specialised programme to offer swimmers the best possible environment for training. The new club will offer top quality swimming training sessions every day of the week for swimmers of all ages. Unlike most swimming clubs, St Paul 's Barnes will not be demanding pre-dawn or late night attendance: training times will be social – during the early evening – and sociable, with plenty of opportunities for socialising.

The coaching team:
Top Row from left: Head Coach, Tony Pearce, Milton Sills, Romilly Hunt,
bottom row:Victoria Hinton and Martin Jurco
The club is particularly keen to encourage teenagers to stay in the sport and aims to foster a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. “We want swimmers to stay in the sport through school, into college and beyond” said Tony Pearce, whose knowledge and experience has attracted a team of top coaches from the local area.

Affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Association, the club will offer its swimmers the chance to compete in county, regional and national events, as well as swimming leagues and open galas.

The new club will hit the water in the first week of September, with time trials for potential members. Enquiries are already flooding in. The Olympics? Yes we can. Anyone interested in membership should contact: Victoria Hinton at victoriahinton177@hotmail.com or Thomas Taylor at TBT@stpaulsschool.org.uk or 0208-746-5398.


August 6, 2009