Putney Resident Susan French & Naki's Help Birds Through The Cold

with "delivery service" of main course and dessert!

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After the ice and snow started Susan went down to the river at Putney by the boat houses with ten loaves of brown bread for the birds and was swamped by around one hundred birds in a few minutes!

Susan told PutneySW15.com:
"There is a lovely family of Swans who live there- one male, one female and their two young and a lot of geese, and these birds were starving! Shaking from hunger and tearing the food from my hands, one swan ate the top off my leather glove!"






This set Susan off on a a mission, every day driving up to ASDA for brown bread then down to the bank to feed the birds which she admits was:
"getting very costly for me so I told "Naki"  (who owns "Nakis fish and chips" shop on the Lower Richmond Rd) about the starving birds and asked if he can help at all. He said yes straight away and he never let me me down. Every day I would call and he would give me bags of chips, pies, sausages, fish, kebabs and saveloys! All cooked from the shop and I would do the "take away" service for them! "

"Well I can tell you they really loved it! Not a chip went to waste! It ended up with hundreds of birds some days all swamped around me and it so funny to see them playing "tug of war" over the sausages!"

We may call people 'bird brain' when we think they are none too clever but the bird life on Putney Embankment are certainly not stupid! Susan told us that as soon they saw her car pull up, the Swans come running to up the bank with their tail feathers wagging, followed by the geese.

"Some have even let me stroke them now! So for dessert I buy them bananas and pears, well if Naki does the first course I should do the second! Many thanks to Naki I could not have fed them all without him!

If you wish to feed the birds in your garden, click her to find out what the RSPB recommend

January 22, 2010