Action Taken on Roehampton Street Drinkers

Outdoor alcohol ban on Alton and Putney Vale estates


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Restrictions on drinking alcohol in outdoor public spaces in Roehampton and Putney Heath ward have now come into effect.

Wandsworth Council and local police have successfully applied for a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) to cover the ward - essentially making outside areas alcohol free zones - in a bid to tackle anti-social and intimidating street drinkers on the Alton and Putney Vale estates.

Police will use DPPO enforcement powers to stop problem and persistent street drinkers and anyone engaging in alcohol-related anti-social behaviour from consuming alcohol in designated public places - law abiding residents will not be affected by the DPPO.

The plan to introduce the order was originally unveiled in February this year following complaints from residents and businesses in the area about problem drinkers.

Councillor Jonathan Cook, the council's community safety spokesman, said:
"Constables and police community support officers can now confiscate alcohol from this group of people in outdoor public spaces in the ward should they refuse to stop drinking. Anyone ignoring such requests could be given an on-the spot fine or face arrest and prosecution in court.

“At the same time we will of course be doing our best to get these people the help they may need by enrolling them in alcohol treatment programmes.”

Councillor Paul Ellis, Wandsworth's housing spokesman, added:
“Residents and businesses told us their concerns about the problem posed by street drinkers in the area – and we have responded by securing this DPPO.
We plan to support this approach through the rigorous enforcement of tenancy conditions for those who behave anti-socially and thereby breach their tenancy agreement.”

Peter Carpenter. Labour’s Roehampton Councillor said:
"Since I was elected to Wandsworth Council in 2010 I have been campaigning for the introduction of restrictions on street drinking in Roehampton. After three years my efforts have finally borne fruit, now that the Council and the Police have successfully applied for a Designated Public Place Order (DPPO) covering the whole of Roehampton and Putney Heath Ward."

Drugs and alcohol outreach workers will make further efforts to engage with the 35 or so street drinkers on the estates to provide support and divert them into treatment.

The DPPO covers the whole of the ward, including hotspots such as Danebury Avenue, Portswood Place and Putney Vale, to deter the problem drinkers from simply relocating to another spot nearby.

A DPPO is contained in The Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 and is designed to tackle nuisance and annoyance caused by the consumption of alcohol in public places.

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May 17, 2013