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Volunteers help support new health initiative

For more information about the Roehampton Challenge - and other services on offer in the area - visit the Team Roehampton website at

To find out more about the Health and Wellbeing Fund contact Elaine Curley on 07956 248 057 or

For more information about the many different volunteering opportunities in all parts of the borough contact Volunteering Wandsworth on 0300 365 9950 or email enquiry@

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A special Roehampton Challenge Week took place last week – during which more than 300 residents paid a visit to the council’s team of health officers who were out and about in the town centre.

Wandsworth’s NHS Health Check bus was used by nearly 50 people in a matter of days, a further 30 residents took part in two healthy cooking sessions, and 15 people signed up to become local Change Champions.

Many of those taking part in these, and various other, services and activities received a free gym or swim membership in return for taking steps to get fit and stay healthy.

One of the people to benefit from a free NHS Health Check was the leader of Wandsworth Council, Councillor Ravi Govindia.

He said: “The Roehampton Challenge is all about putting your ealth and wellbeing first. Whether it’s having a quick health check with one of our friendly experts, trying a new sport, learning to cook healthy meals or making a change to your lifestyle such as giving up smoking, we want to make sure the opportunities are there for you.

“And, in addition to the majority of the services and activities being free, many come with six month gym membership at Roehampton Sport and Fitness Centre or free swimming membership at Putney Leisure Centre.”

NHS Health Checks are available to all Wandsworth residents at their GP surgeries or from the mobile van providing they are aged between 40 and 74, haven’t had one in the past five years and have not been diagnosed with heart disease, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, stroke or high blood pressure.

Other health initiatives featured in the Challenge’s year-long programme include a community food enterprise, a dedicated support service for people experiencing mental health issues and weight management programmes.

The Roehampton Challenge is being run by the council’s public health team – and there is still plenty of time for residents to get involved.

For more information about the Challenge - and other services on offer in the area - visit the Team Roehampton website at

These web pages bring together all the information you need to get the most of living in Roehampton - whether it be accessing health services, finding out about education and employment opportunities or catching up on the latest news.

Alternatively, if you have questions about the Roehampton Challenge or other health activities and support services, email

Running alongside the Challenge is the Health and Wellbeing Fund. Local groups can help encourage healthy-living in the local area by bidding for a grant of between £5,000 and £10,000 to provide services and activities for the community in which they operate.

November 16, 2013