Putney Arts Theatre Hangs Ghost Light

As a symbol of hope for when their auditorium doors open once more


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Putney Arts Theatre has closed its doors to productions and holiday courses and there are concerns that the theatre will not survive the necessary closure.

They launched a fundraising campaign to try and cover their daily running costs which is £85 a day even when closed. Inspired by the ghost light they have renamed the campaugn to Shine On - Support your local theatre’.

A spokesperson for the theatre told this website that they "Will keep this spirit of optimism with us throughout the challenging months ahead. When we closed our classes, shows and other income generating activities we knew we would be faced with an uncertain future. By removing our income streams the loss of funds will cost our theatre in excess of £30k."

If you can, please support the theatre by either giving a one off donation or become a regular giver and supporting the charity through a monthly amount of £5, £10, £20 or even more amazingly £50 a month. You can make your donation and choose your amount here.

April 23, 2020

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