Putney police shop reopening!

from Thursday 12th January 2006


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Borough Commander answers your questions

Wandsworth Borough Police inform us that the Putney public reception which provides for 70,000 people in the Putney area, is to reopen days after after the announcement of it closing. The nearest police station is in Wandsworth.

The Putney police shop is located next to the cinema in the high street. It was opened following the closure and redevelopment of the police station in Upper Richmond Road. The opening hours will be Monday to Friday 11am-2pm and Saturday 10am-2pm.

Wandsworth police inform us that they are currently in the process of recruiting voluntary staff to man the public office of the station to allow them to keep it open whilst freeing up the officers currently needed to run it for other duties.

Cllr Edward Lister has welcomed the decision by Borough Commander Joe Royle to reopen the Putney Police Shop. The Office was closed last Friday when a key member of staff left. Now following a top level meeting between Cllr Lister & Joe Royle the office is set to reopen.

"I am delighted that the Borough Commander has been able to find a way of keeping this valuable service open for the people of Putney. I have asked the Police to make sure the services provided by the office and the new opening hours are publicised widely in the Putney area"

In addition There will be an emphasis on strengthening Safer Neighbourhoods Teams. At present, eight of our Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are staffed by 1 Sergeant + 2 Police Constables and 3 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). By the beginning of April, this year, the other twelve should function as a team with 1 Sergeant + 1 Police Constable and 2 PCSOs. By the end of 2006/07 financial year, the aim is to have as many teams as possible staffed by a Sergeant, two Police Constables and three PCSOs.

January 12, 2006