Police Car Caught In High Tides

No April Fool's trick but Spring Tides latest victim


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On Sunday (1 April) a police car was left on Putney Embankment and was caught by the exceptionally high tide on that day - there have been high tides over 7.1 metres since 31 March and they are expected to continue until 5 April.

1st April 2018 High Tide spring clean for police car

This is nothing new, in March 2016 a BMW was taken by the tides from Putney Embankment to Barn Elms Boat House. Later that year in July another BMW was snatched by the high tide.

Spring tide victim March 2016

Other victims this weekend:

see video on The Putney High Tide Club web page 3rd April

Aston DB11 gets wheels cleaned! Nigel Bowles 3rd April

Don't get caught out check our high tide schedule.

April 4, 2018

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