Plans for Keswick Rd flats given thumps down

as Council feels the plans were too intrusive.

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The Council informs us that Councillors have refused a developer permission to build 13 flats on the site of Counties House in East Putney.

The site on the corner of Keswick Road and Buttermere Drive is currently occupied by office and workshop buildings. These would be demolished to make way for a three and four storey block of flats.

Planning applications chairman Ravi Govindia explained:

“The principle of allowing housing in this location has been established. Our concern was the scale of the development and its impact on neighbouring properties. The scheme as designed would have been intrusive for a number of properties in Keswick House which adjoins the site. Those closest to the new buildings would have suffered a loss of light and privacy.

“Councillors concluded that the proposal was an overdevelopment of the site and would detract from the appearance of the East Putney conservation area.”

You can view the planning application on by keying in reference 2005/4451.

January 16, 2006