Appeal upholds refual of plans for garage site

...monolithic appearance which would not complement its surroundings...

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The council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the redevelopment of the Brown and Watts car showroom site in Colinette Road has been upheld on appeal.

The applicant had wanted to demolish the existing workshops and offices and replace them with a three to four-storey building comprising 11 flats.

Councillors rejected the scheme in October 2004 on the grounds of overdevelopment. They also said it was out of character with the surrounding West Putney conservation area.

Agreeing with the council, the inspector Paul Dobsen said:

“The building would simply be too big for the site…it would be larger than any other building in the street…its width would give it a rather monolithic appearance which would not complement its surroundings or preserve the character or appearance of the conservation area.”

Planning applications chairman Ravi Govindia welcomed the inspector’s ruling:

“The issue was not whether a residential use would be appropriate in this location but more the scale of the new buildings.

“By building across the full width of the garage site and restricting the size of the new rear gardens the impression was one of trying to get too much onto the plot. The applicant will have to re-think the design and come up with an approach which is more in scale with the other properties in the road.”

The inspector dismissed the applicant’s appeal of the council’s decisions to refuse planning permission and consent for demolition in a conservation area.

You can view the applications at by keying in reference numbers 2004/3008 and 3009

January 9, 2006