'Monster Mast' Planned for Putney Bridge Road

20 metre high pole proposed near St Joseph's Primary School

'Monster Mast' Planned for Putney Bridge Road
Proposed location of mast on Putney Bridge Road. Picture: Google Streetview


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An application is being made to construct a 20 metre high 5G mast on Putney Bridge Road near the junction with Oakhill Road.

The proposed mast would be a short distance away from St. Joseph’s Primary School and the Queen Adelaide pub.

It is being submitted on behalf of the Three group by Hutchison 3G UK Ltd and as well as the mast there would be equipment at the base as well as associated ancillary works. It is a notification to determine whether prior approval is required. Planning law makes a presumption in favour of the building out of communications infrastructure if it can be shown that it is essential for the effective operation of the network.

5G operates across multiple spectrums and therefore requires additional antennas and new equipment cabinets. The signals that are broadcast are more prone to the shadowing effect of adjacent buildings or structures, and also the effect of tree canopies reducing the broadcast range and effectiveness of the antennas. Consequently, the height of the 5G antennas needs to be raised meaning such high masts, dubbed ‘monster masts’ by objectors will become more common. The higher frequencies that 5G will use can provide more bandwidth and thus greater capacity but the signal will not travel as far as those of previous generations. This will mean that more of these masts will need to be built than were needed for previous generations of mobile technology.

The application reference is 2020/2900 and comments can be submitted by clicking here.

The government have advised planning authorities that the scientific evidence does not give any indication of any extra health risk from this technology and therefore this would not be considered as valid grounds for an objection.

The deadline for responses is the 17 September.

September 4, 2020

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