Fight The Festive Flab


with free fitness session courtesy of iWalk &

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To claim your free session contact iWalk on or 0844 800 9405.
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January is drawing to a close and for many of us those festive punds are still with us! There is no excuse for not shifting those extra festive pounds with free iWalk sessions on offer in Richmond Park throughout February.

The unique 90 minute health and fitness classes are held in the breathtaking surroundings of the royal Park and use lightweight carbon fibre poles to work at a high intensity, offering a challenging workout for both the upper and lower body.

iWalking has been described as combining the exhilaration of alpine skiing, the fitness challenges of rowing with the social networking of rugby and its devotees say it offers the perfect route to top health, fitness and weight loss.

There is a free iWalk Health session on offer for everyone as an incentive to get people up off their couches and into the fresh air after too much TV, rich food and drink over Christmas and the New Year. There are six 90 minute health sessions to choose from in Richmond Park , Bushy Park and Wimbledon Common during the week and at the weekends. Once you've got the buzz at the free Health session there are also six intense 60 minute Fitness (fast Nordic walking or running and circuit training) sessions each week at these locations plus Old Deer Park on a Tuesday evening

“If you want to keep fit and healthy what can be better than spending your time with friends outdoors in the fresh air in some of London's most beautiful places, knowing you are working harder than you realise and getting more benefit than if you were doing most other forms of exercise,” says Francis Sirl who runs iWalk which is based in Richmond.

Nordic Walking began in Finland as the summer training method for Cross Country Skiers who are recognised as amongst the world's fittest athletes. It is brisk walking using special techniques with the poles to strengthen and tone the upper body as well as the legs. It works 90% of your muscles (running only works 35% and swimming 70%) and burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking. The poles also reduce the loads and stresses on your knees and other joints as they partly support your body making it a low impact sport.

To claim your free session contact iWalk on or 0844 800 9405.

February 1, 2008