Solo Marathon In Madrid Flat

Putney Running Club founder member runs indoor window 2 washing machine marathon


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Jean-Marc Knoll was a founder member of the Putney Running Club whilst he live in Putney from 2006 and has proudly worn his Putney Running Club T-Shirt for every marathon he has ever run.

Now living in central Madrid, which is struggling with the most severe outbreak of coronavirus in Europe, Jean-Marc has been under lockdown for over three weeks.

Missing his running and realising that there was a minimum of another three weeks of lockdown he was feeling that he was "going up the wall". Jean-Marc took action by moving his dinning table so allow a clear stretch from the window to the washing machine - and the '1st Madrid International Indoors Window 2 Washing Machine Marathon' was born!

J-M and his Putney Running Club t-shirt mid lap

Jean-Marc usually takes three hours 20 minutes to run a marathon, but the 1st Madrid International Indoors Window to Washing Machine Marathon took Jean-Marc five hours and seven minutes to cross the loo roll 'finishing tape' - but that did include some tapas and cervezas which is not the norm in a regular marathon!

As well as keeping himself mentally and physically agile Jean-Marc decided the marathon could raise funds for the International Red Cross’ crisis response to COVID-19 and the NHS. If you wish to show your support you can donate here and add to the £3550 plus already raised.

April 7, 2020

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