Jeremy Corbyn in SW15 as Labour 'Smell Blood in the Water'

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Jeremy Corbyn in Roehampton with Leonie Cooper. Picture: @roehamptoncllr


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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn paid a visit to the SW15 area this Thursday (26 April) when he addressed a group of local party activists in Roehampton ahead of the forthcoming local election.

He told them, ‘We’ll set about winning Wandsworth for Labour’ and then pausing for a cheer added, “but it is also about putting this government on notice.”

He then went onto canvas around the University of Roehampton. He was joined in the local area by Shadow Foreign Secretary, Emily Thornberry who helped out party campaigners in the key marginal West Hill ward. The presence of senior Labour party figures in the borough is being seen as an indication of the party's optimism about pulling off a shock victory in Wandsworth.

One local party member told, ‘The response on the doorstep has been way beyond our expectations. Even in Tory strongholds we are seeing high levels of support. We can definitely smell blood in the water when it comes to this administration.”

A local Conservative party activist commented after Mr Corbyn’s visit, 'I was really pleased to see our chief recruiting sergeant making an appearance in the borough. There is a danger that people are tending to forget who runs the Labour party and the policies that he would look to implement if he ever got his hands on any real power. It is worthy of note that they seem to have kept him well away from the general public.'

Labour will need a swing of nearly 10% to take the seats they need to take control of Wandsworth in the election next Thursday (3 May). has done a detailed ward by ward analysis.

Jeremy Corbyn addresses party activists in Roehampton

The bookmakers are currently saying that the battle for Wandsworth borough is too close to call which means that the winner could be determined by a relatively small number of votes in key wards some of which are in the SW15 area.

The SW15 is covered by five local wards in the borough elections. There are some parts of SW15 in Southfields ward as well. If you click on the ward name the results from May 2014 will be displayed:

Click on the ward name to see previous election results from your area


April 27, 2018

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