Green Light To SkyScrapers = Betrayal!

Lib Dem campaigner launches petition against 'high rises'


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Local campaigner Lisa Smart has launched a petition as Conservative councillors give green light to Putney skyscrapers.

Local people have been left feeling betrayed and saddened after Conservative councillors gave the go ahead to another high-rise building in Putney. Local campaigner Lisa Smart said:
“These buildings are too high for our local area and they don’t meet the needs of local people. Parking is already a huge issue here in Putney and massive new buildings will just make this worse. We are calling on the Conservative-run Council to put a limit on the height of all future developments in our area and to make sure that any plans address parking issues.”

Lisa Smart and the local Lib Dems have launched a petition, already signed by hundreds of local people.  Local people can add their name to this petition at . 

There will soon be a local by-election in Putney. The Lib Dems believe that local people will have a straight choice between local campaigner Lisa Smart, or yet another Conservative councillor to do what town hall bosses say. Labour can’t win in Putney.


May 20, 2011