Oh 'Diddums' not again!

Lib Dem office get another attack of graffiti


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For the fourth time in less than 12 months the Lib Dem office on Felsham Road has received the white pain treatment with 'Diddums' across both sets of windows.

In January it was a case of 'Blind Evil' - despite the installation of a CCTV camera aimed at the offices following the night time visits in 2010. 'Tory Fag' was the message in October 2010 & a month earlier the message was 'Fake'.

Lisa Smart Chair of Campaigns at the Lib Dems office told PutneySW15.com:
"The vast majority of Putney residents we speak to on the doorstep are very happy with the coalition and the positive difference it is making to their lives.  Policies brought in by Liberal Democrats in government have meant that within the last week in Wandsworth alone:
- 107,000 people are getting a £200 income tax cut, 
- 3,800 people have been lifted out of paying income tax altogether, with more to come,
- £625million extra has gone to our schools, aimed at the most disadvantaged pupils - rising to £2.5billion a year by 2015
- 30,900 pensioners have been given an extra £4.50 a week – and those retiring from today will be on average £15,000 better off over their retirement.

She continued:
Admittedly, we haven't been able to do everything in exactly the way we would have wanted - we have 57 MPs whereas the Conservatives have 306.  Many of us would have liked 100% of the Liberal Democrat manifesto to be implemented rather than the 65% which is being brought about by the Lib Dems in coalition.  It's very simple though, if you want more Liberal Democrat policies then you have to vote Liberal Democrat!"


April 12, 2011