Scheme keeps pavements leaf-free

2500 homes trial leaf collection scheme


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Putney residents have been playing their part in helping to keep their streets free of falling leaves this autumn.

In a trial aimed at people with large front gardens the council provided free sacks which residents could use to bag up their own leaves. They could then put these out on the pavement for the street cleaning teams to collect.

The initiative was in response to concerns from some residents that leaves from front gardens were making the job of clearing the streets more difficult.

Around 2,500 households in West Putney took part in this year's experiment. The area was chosen because it has a high proportion of properties with substantial front gardens.

Council leader Edward Lister said the scheme had been well received:

"By providing a simple service for residents we can help them with their own clearing-up and at the same time make the street cleaners' job a little easier. The difference is that we can get most of the leaves that end up on pavements and streets cleared away in one go."

A resident of Dealtry Rd who took part in the trial said

" The theory is fantastic, it has made me sweep my front garden plus the pavement outside, however, the bags were to be collected on Tuesday is now Thursday lunchtime and they are still here."

It would appear that the scheme needs tweaking but, if the scheme is judged a success it could be repeated next year.

14th November 2003