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Illegal fireworks

Cllr King's last newsletter

Regular Forum visitors will be aware of the ongoing concerns generally regarding traffic volumes on Roehampton Lane and specifically at the junction of Roehampton Lane with Upper Richmond Road. I raised this matter with Transport for London before Christmas and as a result TFL commissioned a review of the performance of the junction. The review considers traffic movements, traffic signalling and accident records. I will be meeting TFL officials later this month to discuss the findings and will report back in due course. If readers have any other issues they would like me to raise with Transport for London at the meeting please do get in touch with me with the details of your concerns.

A number of residents have complained about the condition of the former Maltese Cat public house site in Aubyn Square. As a result of a number of illegal acts of flytipping on the site the owner has moved dumped soil to create a block of the rear gate area of the site. The site is very much an eyesore at the moment. I have raised this matter with the Council but unfortunately as the site is private land it is the owner’s responsibility to keep the site clean and tidy. This will be of little comfort to those who must walk past this eyesore on a regular basis but I am informed that the site owner is now in a position to progress matters and we should see the development of the site begin in the very near future.

I have also taken up the issue of the footpath leading from the Alton Estate to Roehampton Lane that runs along the side of the South Thames College site. Local residents have complained that the path is muddy, rubbish strewn, unlit and intimidating to walk along early in the morning or at night. The footpath is a well used and popular cut through to the bus stops in Roehampton Lane.

The Council says that the footpath belongs to and is the responsibility of South Thames College. South Thames College disagrees and maintains that responsibility lies with the Council. It now appears that the council’s education department may hold responsibility. I am trying to get one or both parties to except responsibility for maintaining the footpath as every day of delay is a cause for concern for regular users of this footpath.

The news that the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone has announced an early roll out of Safer Neighbourhood Police Teams to the whole borough is fantastic news. As a result this April will see Southfields, Thamesfield, East Putney and West Hill receive extra police resources to patrol their streets. Teams of four officers are due to be in place in each of these neighbourhoods in April this year and I am sure this will be welcome news to everyone in Putney.

Finally an update on the fireworks problem at the King's Head public house site. The Council has tracked down the owners of the site but as yet has been unable to speak directly to anyone to ascertain whether the sale of fireworks on the site is the act of tenants or trespassers. I remain in regular contact with the relevant Council department on this matter and will provide further information once I have it. In the meantime any further instances of fireworks being let off should be reported to both the police and the Council.

Councillor Stuart King
Leader of the Labour Group

October 19, 2005