Labour petitions for improved traffic flow on Roehampton Lane

and invite you to give your support on line


Labour in Wandsworth

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Roehampton Labour candidates Donald Roy, John Russell and Amanda Webster have launched an online petition to get Transport for London to improve traffic flow on Roehampton Lane.

They invite you to add your name:

Their research found that the traffic junction at the junction with Upper Richmond Road only allows four or five cars from Roehampton Lane across at every phase, which is in their view insufficient to deal with the volume of traffic in the area.

Labour's plan would change the traffic light phasing here so that, instead of north-bound (from Roehampton Lane), then south-bound (from Rocks Lane) traffic crossing one after the other, they'd be able to cross simultaneously, doubling the time for each direction without delaying Upper Richmond Road traffic any longer.

October 19, 2005