One Day To Go: “Complacency the problem: a big kick the solution”

The Labour candidate's final message to Thamesfield residents


Christian Klapp

Labour's candidate for Thamesfield Councillor

Christian's last article

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Christian Klapp, Labour candidate in the Putney by-election on Thursday 30th June, has asked voters to use the election to give the council a kick to shake it from its complacency.

Christian’s message, with just one full day to go before polling, is that all of the problems
affecting our area stem from the council believing it can take Putney votes for granted.

“Take any issue and it all comes back to complacency, an inability to try things differently,
a refusal to listen and a belief that they are right and all the rest of us are wrong” says Christian. And the reason they believe that is because no matter what they do, they keep
getting voted back in here.
Examples include:

* The contemptuous dismissal of anyone who has a concern about over-development as
“noise” to be “looked through”

* The sacking of all 24 of our parks police (confirmed yesterday, despite still no deal
with the Metropolitan Police on what duties they’ll take over)

* The axing of evening and night-time cleaning of Putney High Street (also agreed last night)

* The failure to do anything to tackle illegal levels of High Street pollution

* The three years of decay of Putney Bridge

* The illegal demolition of Hotham School wall and the ugly yellow replacement
“There’s only one way to stop them taking you for granted, and that’s to send a message
in terms so clear that no-one can mistake what you’re telling them. And there’s only one way to send that message: lend me your vote and send me to the town hall to deliver it loud and clear. This Friday Putney will have either a 47th Conservative councillor or me: no other result is possible."

He continued:
“The Liberal Democrats have never even managed to come second in this area – ever -
and having spoken to over 3,000 voters since the by-election campaign began, it seems
they may not even manage third place. Voting Lib Dem or Green doesn’t advance these
parties’ values: it just makes it easier for the Conservatives to win. Yet again.

“If you want to send the council a message; if you want a councillor who will always
listen; if you want some choice instead of a one party state; if you want a councillor who
will put Putney before Party, then on Thursday please take 10 minutes to vote for it. Vote
for me. We really can win. We really can make this council sit up and listen.”
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June 28, 2011