Christian’s YouTube Message To Putney

A special message from Labour's candidate's to his prospective constituents


Christian Klapp
Labour's candidate for Thamesfield Councillor

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With barely a week until Putney chooses its new councillor Christian talks about the issues that are close to his heart; overdevelopment, crime, the
illegal pollution levels in the High Street and the lack of pride being taken in Putney by the council.

You can view the video on the front page of Christian’s website, or on Christian’s YouTube channel:
In his video, Christian talks to a resident of Putney’s Riverside Quarter about the over-development threat there, including the 21-storey tower planned for the Osier’s Gate site; and a resident of Bective Road which will be overshadowed by some of the Upper Richmond Road towers.

Christian said:
“Putney is one of the most internet-connected communities in the country. It also has a young, professional, mobile and transient population who traditional means of communication may not work so well on anymore. If I’m elected councillor on 30th June, I’ll produce monthly podcasts of my work in the town hall and in the community; I’ll hold virtual advice sessions and keep residents in touch via my blog and e-news bulletins.

“It’s no longer good enough for councillors to sit in their ivory towers and take their constituents for granted. I want to keep in touch and be held to account, and I think Putney is ready for the sort of fresh, dynamic, energetic councillor I’ll be. If you agree, vote for change!”




June 22, 2011