By-election Announced: "41 Days to save Putney From Over-development"

Labour's candidate has made "halting over development" central to his campaign


Christian Klapp
Labour's candidate for Thamesfield Councillor

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The Putney by-election for Thamesfield has been will be on Thursday 30th June and Christian Klapp, Labour’s candidate has set planning issues as his central issue for his campaign.

Last month the Council’s planning applications committee approved the “Carlton Tower” plan on the Capstick site in Upper Richmond Road. Despite overwhelming opposition from Putney residents just two councillors voted against the plans - both of them Labour.

Two vast blocks are planned for Putney Place, opposite East Putney Station. The Tileman House plans are still not finalised with owners continuing to push for ever taller
buildings. Work is proceeding apace to quadruple the size of the Riverside Quarter without any investment in public transport for this isolated part of our area.

And Ram Brewery’s 42-storey twin towers are only in hibernation while the council works out a way to get them past the independent planning inspector.

Christian said: “Over development is the critical issue in this election - it has to be because in three years when the next council elections take place it will be too late.

“Every planning permission given by this council to developers sets a precedent: and the precedent at the moment is higher, bulkier, uglier. That’s why I asked for, and have been guaranteed a Labour seat on the Planning Applications Committee if you send me to the Town Hall to serve a Stop Notice on this over development.

“I live next door to East Putney station. These over-developments affect me just like they will affect all of us. Yet they are being voted through by councillors who either live nowhere near us or should know better but won’t stand up to their party line.

Mr Klapp believes that it’s time for an independent voice speaking up for Putney.
“There are already 46 Conservative councillors – out of 60. Electing a 47th just tells the council they’ve got permission to keep rubber-stamping these tower block plans and turning Putney into Dubai-on-Thames. If you want to stop this over development blight the only way to do it is to lend me your vote and give Putney some choice.”

May 23, 2011