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Hello everyone,

It has been an eventful first week back in Parliament - most significantly locally, we had the Heathrow expansion announcement by Ministers. I’ve also had chance to go out on patrol with the police locally, and see Network Rail to discuss the quality of local rail services amongst other issues. Read on for a brief update.

Heathrow expansion given go-ahead – will Secretary of State come to Putney?
Ministers have finally announced they will ignore residents and press on with a Heathrow expansion which the Environment Agency have said could damage public health. Ministers have backed off introducing all day flights for the timebeing, but it seems likely to be back on the agenda in the future, if the past broken assurances on Heathrow are anything to go by. The Secretary of State, Geoff Hoon, seemed to agree to come to meet our community in Putney when I asked him and as soon as I have any details about his visit I will let PutneySW15.com readers know. You may have also seen in the news www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23618150details/Thousands+sign+up+to+buy+slice+of+third+runway+site/article.do

that I have been involved in buying a plot of land that the Heathrow third runway will be built over – it’s a very practical way of showing your opposition. If you’d like to get involved, you can on www.greenpeace.org.uk/climate/airplot.

Out on patrol with the local police
Last Friday, I was out on the late shift with our local Special police officers in a patrol van, responding to calls as they came in. We were out from 9pm on Friday evening until 3am on Saturday morning and spent a fair amount of time in Putney and Roehampton. It was very helpful to see some of the calls that our local police have to respond to, ranging from domestic fights, fires to anti-social behaviour. Hopefully I’ll get chance to join our police again over the coming months. I meet every month with our local Putney Inspector, Kevan Martin to discuss crime issues, but being able to see first hand how crime is dealt with is invaluable.

Local Rail Services
I met with Network Rail managers this week, to discuss the lack of progress in getting Putney Station made accessible with a lift and other improvements. Back in 2005, we had much fanfare about the government’s Access for All scheme to make stations easier for everyone. Putney Station was in the first wave of stations but four years later we are still waiting for any progress. My discussions left me concerned that Network Rail may even not deliver our lift at all due to financial constraints. That would be unacceptable so I will make sure I continue to press them to get on with the job.

Don’t forget – if you need my help as MP then you can contact me at the House of Commons, SW1A 0AA, email me on greeningj@parliament or you can come to one of my weekly MP surgery, held in librarys and community centres across Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, by giving me a call on 0208 946 4557. I’ll do my best to help.

Best wishes

Justine Greening MP

January 16, 2009