Justine Greening's Constituency Diary

Includes mobile mast concerns and new text service for commuters

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Hello everyone,

A busy couple of weeks as usual - continued Heathrow developments, the launch of my District and trains MP Textline, mobile phone mast applications, and lots more besides.  Read on for an update….

MP Textline for District Line and Mainline service
If you use either the District Line or the mainline service sign up to my MP Textline.  It means that whenever you have problems - whether delays, overcrowding, standing around at Earls Court, you can now text me direct.  I've done it because I think that tube and train operators are atrocious at finding out what their customers think on a day to day basis, so I wanted to give my constituents something that means I can find out and use the information to lobby for better services.

All you have to do is sign up for the service on my website at http://www.justinegreening.co.uk/campaigns/text-signup.php .  When you text me, the text gets converted into an email and my plan is to then forward on all comments and issues to London Underground and South West Trains every months so that they know exactly what our day to day experience is.  Next time you're delayed - use it productively and tell me by texting my MP Textline to hold tube and train operators to account!

Heathrow Expansion - BAA helps write Public Consultation Document
At my last update, I'd been told that releasing any environmental data about Heathrow expansion to me wasn't (in the Department for Transport's view) in the public interest.  This week, I did get a partial response to my Freedom of Information request, relating to the minutes and correspondence between the DfT and BAA.  In a large bundle of emails, meeting minutes and board minutes, it was very clear just how closely the DfT have worked with BAA.  At the end of last year, in the Heathrow Project Board meeting minutes of December, the DfT is minuted asking BAA to "feed through comments in due course" on the public consultation document.  In April, they note "comments have been received from BAA and would be included in the next version of the condoc" (i.e the Consultation Document).  I've written to the Secretary of State for Transport and the Cabinet Secretary expressing my grave concern.  It makes a mockery of having an independent consultation and really does call into question the integrity of the whole consultation process even more than before.  Get in touch with me if you'd like to join the No to Heathrow Expansion campaign.

Mobile Phone Mast Applications
Orange have made eight mobile phone mast submissions across West Hill and East Putney area and many residents have contacted me concerned because of proximity to local schools, road safety issues and the unsightliness of the masts.  Its frustrating as Orange did exactly the same thing 3 years ago, submitting 8 applications all at the same time - they clearly won't take "No" for an answer and some mast applications are in the same place as those they wanted previously.  I think its extremely poor that they have submitted these applications during the school holidays when so many people are away and I share the concerns of residents.  Local councillors are fighting against the mast applications also and if you also want to have your say then go to the Wandsworth Borough Council planning pages http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/gis/search/Search.aspx .  The applications are reference numbers 3668, 3669, 3670, 3702, 3703, 3704, 3705 - to search prefix them all with 2007/, e.g. 2007/3668 in the application number field.

Out and About
I've also met with Rowers against Thames Sewage to discuss how we can provide better information about the Thames water quality, went to the Minstead and Manresa residents association, the Southfields Grid residents association, and had fun playing softball with Southfields Grid residents on Saturday. If you have a local issue that you need my help with as MP, then do get in touch with me – email me on greeningj@parliament.uk, write to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA, or come to my weekly MP surgery by giving me a call on 0208 944 0378.  I’ll do my best to help.

August 3, 2007