Justine Greening MP speaks to Putney & Roehampton

Richmond Park, Putney Station, School Quiz Weekend and the launch of the Limb Loss Group in Parliament


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Justine's last diary

Hello everyone,

Richmond Park
There's been an environmental tinge to my activities over the past week or two.  I met with the Royal Parks Agency Chief Executive, Mark Camley the week before last and then also with Park Superintendent Simon Richard to get an update on a number of issues.  After becoming MP, I asked the Royal Parks if they could look into the feasibility of whether it would be possible to get a pedestrian gate from the Alton estate directly into Richmond Park.  They've now come back with a couple of options, which is great. I'll be talking to residents about on the estate to see what they think about the choices, and I hope that one will fit the bill and give them some ready access.  There are a lot of families living on the estate, so making the park easier to get to will be of real benefit.
Because of the continued closure of Robin Hood Gate, traffic congestion is still a major issue raised on the doorstep.  I've asked Parks Minister David Lamy to meet with me face to face to discuss his decision to keep the gate closed.  The deer may run more freely in the park but outside we're all are faced with incredibly busy roads, and pollution in an area with many primary schools - not good.  Worryingly, I understand TfL are considering a bus lane on Roehampton Lane which may only make things worse.
Putney Station and Oyster Cards
Cllr Lister recently wrote about the Oyster cards issue and not being able to use them on the rail network.  I've also had this issue raised with me directly by many people.  I'd already contacted the Mayor Ken Livingstone about this, but I've how also written to South West Trains and UK Rail, both tendering for the new contract to serve the railway line and Putney Station.  I'm trying to get them to weave these improvements into their own tender proposals.  Alongside, the Oyster card issue, I've raised the issues that we have to queue for too long for tickets, that even with the new machines, we could do with them being undercover, and finally, I've asked that they consider proposals to make Putney station more accessible, so that everyone can use our public transport. We'll see what happens and I'll hopefully be able to follow up face to face with both companies.
And Finally...
I've just helped launch a cross party group on limb loss in Parliament to support our local Limbless Association which is based in Queen Mary's Hospital on Roehampton Lane.  The Limbless Association, along with a number of other charities in this field do brilliant work supporting people who have lost limbs, whether through illness or accident.  People from all over the world come to have rehabilitation and care at Queen Mary's Hospital. I hope I can work with this group in Parliament to make sure that their work gets the focus it deserves in government. 
Plus, this weekend turned out to be School Quiz weekend - Hotham Primary where I am a governor, on Friday night and All Saints C of E quiz on Saturday night.  Both were great events, a lot of fun, and raised a lot of money, though I'm not sure how much of an asset I was to my teams!
As ever, if you need to get in touch with me, whether for a surgery appointment or any other issue, please call me on 0208 944 0378 or email me on greeningj@parliament.uk.

Best Wishes,

Justine Greening MP

February 7, 2006