Justine Greening MP gives her Christmas update

Putney Station, 2012 Olympic Tax, Charity collection & Putney mail....


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It's been a busy time in the run up to Christmas, but here are some of the things I've been working on:

Putney Station - New Ticket Machines:
I met with the manager of Putney Station and South West Train management and the good news is that there are now plans to replace the station's unreliable out of date ticket machines with modern, faster machines that will be nearly 60% faster. The existing machines are now planned for replacement in April 2006, with potentially more ticket machines to be added later to reduce queues.

Anyone who uses Putney Station knows how unreliable the ticket machines are - and incredibly slow - queues to get tickets can be extremely long. Having to queue outside when its raining only adds to the bad experience commuters have to put up with. Since I became MP I've written to South West Trains raising this issue asking to meet face to face to discuss it, so I'm very pleased they have listened and taken action. There was a real danger that because the rail line is now out to franchise that we might have had any new machines put on hold until it was clear that South West Trains will still be the train operator. It is great news that they've decided to update the machines in advance anyhow, irrespective of knowing whether they'll keep running the trains and stations."

Voting to keep a cap on Londoners' Olympic Tax
A fortnight ago, legislation about the London 2012 Olympics and its financing was debated and voted on in Parliament. I'm pleased we've got the Olympics coming to London, but the amount it could cost us all as London taxpayers needs to controlled. I voted to have a cap on how much could be charged. We were told £20, and it should stay at £20 - or less, if the cost is less. Unfortunately, other MPs voted against it, so there's no limit to what we can be charged, which I think is wrong. I'd have thought any London MP would want to see a limit as to how much their constituents are charged, but apparently not as other Wandsworth MPs voted against a limit on what we can be charged.

Charity Collection with Putney Rotary Club and a visits to Putney Royal Mail Sorting office

As a member of Putney Rotary Club, I've been out with our local team raising money for local charities - if any of you have seen Santa on a float coming down your street - that was us!

I've also visited Putney Royal Mail Sorting Office to see their Christmas operations. The post arrives from the Nine Elms Depot throughout the night and is then sorted by postal workers into roads. It then has a second sort to be organised by house number.

Its an amazing process that happens every day. Its only when you see how many letters, parcels and packets come into the sorting office that you realise what an enormous operation it is to get everyone's Christmas cards delivered. Let's hope they all get there…

And finally...
I'll keep working hard. Next year, we're likely to have more government proposals to have all day flights over Putney - totally unacceptable, so if you want to join my campaign then email me at justinegreening@putneyconservatives.com.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


October 19, 2005