Local MP Meets Inspector Steve Allen of Putney Police

Justine Greening writes to Putney


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Last week I met with Inspector Steve Allen of Putney police to discuss a range of crime and anti-social behaviour issues that residents have raised with me. With lighter nights and good weather I have also had a number of residents write to me about anti-social behaviour and it was helpful to be able to discuss the particular areas where the problems are located. One area of concern which was raised is the number bicycle thefts particularly in the centre of Wandsworth near Virgin Active. The police are encouraging all cyclists to ensure their bikes are locked up securely with a strong lock.

With the hot weather, as we enter the summer months burglary can be an issue, especially for people living in flats with a communal door, because once a burglar has got into the block they can break into properties which are more out of sight. The good news is that whereve r you live, there are some simple steps that you can take to minimise the risk you'll be burgled: http://www.met.police.uk/crimeprevention/house.htm

We also have a very strong network of Wandsworth Neighbourhood Watch. Not only does this initiative help keep crime down locally but if a resident is covered by a Watch it could reduce your home contents insurance premiums and you will also get access to all sorts of useful crime prevention and home safety advice and resources through the Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Further information about the scheme can be found at the link below:


Residents can also get free advice on home security and fire safety via a service called Flash that is run by Victim Support Wandsworth and supported by the council. You can find more information about Flash and Victim Support Wandsworth here: http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/info/870/community_safety/336/wandsafe_burglary_aftercare_service/3

I will continue to do my best to work with our local police so if you have any crime issues that you have concerns about then please do get in touch with me by emailing me at greeningj@parliament.uk or give me a call on 0208 946 4557.

Justine Greening MP



July 27, 2011