MP joins the Slingbacks

and enjoys it.....!


Any readers interested in joining Justine in trying the sport should contact Sally Leonard on 07973 163359.

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When Rosslyn Park Rugby Club invited Putney MP, Justine Greening, down to train with their women’s team they got more than they expected. The Women’s team, known as the Slingbacks, was founded 8 years ago, starting at the very lowest level with many girls who had never played the sport before. They won six successive promotions to attain their present status in the Premiership. For the coming season, the club has formed a second women’s team – Slingbacks Too – to start again at the bottom, playing in South-East 4 Division. The Club wants to encourage local women and girls to take up the sport, and Justine Greening agreed to come along in order to support this.

Club officials were half expecting Justine to warm up with the girls, pose for a photo and retreat to the bar. Not a bit of it. Not only did she last the whole session, but she showed a great flair for the game. At a break, England Academy Coach, Martyn Worsley, who trains Park, said that she had natural ability and would easily make the grade if she had time to train – and that was said before she put in some spectacular flying tackles and slotted 5 out of 6 kicks between the posts!

Justine clearly enjoyed herself, and said “I thought I’d try out the game and it was great fun. I stayed for the whole training session and really enjoyed it – not only did it give me a great work out, I learnt quite a lot about rugby. There are a lot of women now playing the sport and based on my visit, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!”

An impressed Rosslyn Park President, John Gunner, said, “We’re immensely grateful to Justine for her interest and support, and we hope it will encourage others to come along and give the sport a try. As well as being an enjoyable form of exercise, it is a source of lifetime friendships”.

September 7, 2005