Greening Praised for being Green

Environmental Campaigners congratulate local MP


Justine Greening MP - "Climate change is with us: we must all do all we can to deal with this problem”

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Local MP Justine Greening appears to be living up to her name after attracting praise from environmental campaigners over her support for a Commons Motion. It backed microgeneration which is the generation of energy by individual or small groups of householders

The Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEP) have congratulated local MP Justine Greening for signing House of Commons Early Day Motion No: 3911.

Ron Bailey, Parliamentary Adviser to SEP said, “We congratulate Justine Greening for supporting these two Bills and being in the forefront of new steps to combat climate change and look forward to their continuing support for the Bills”.

The Motion stated that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the planet today and calls for new initiatives such as microgeneration to deal with the issue.

At a time when emissions of CO2 are rising and the government is not on track to meet its targets microgeneration is ‘the new kid on the block’- it would help reduce fuel bills, emissions of CO2 and engage consumers in helping to avert climate change..

The EDM supports two Private Members Bills by Mark Lazarowicz MP and Dr Alan Whitehead MP designed to help combat climate change by:

· Setting targets and introducing policies to promote microgeneration

· Requiring reports to parliament on steps to reduce emissions and

· Establishing a renewable heat obligation

Justine Greening MP said: “Because of the threat of climate change I am glad to be able to support these two Bills which will introduce important new polices to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. I look forward to these Bills becoming law and will do all I can to assist with that objective. Climate change is with us: we must all do all we can to deal with this problem”.

July 29, 2005