Re-energise Your Car When You Go To The Gym

New power point for electric vehicles at Putney Leisure Centre

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For more information about the council's facilities for electric cars and to register for the scheme visit or call (020) 8871 7874.

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In a bid to cut local air pollution the council has launched the borough’s second electric vehicle charging point.

Electric cars are better for the local environment than petrol or diesel vehicles as they produce no polluting exhaust emissions and are virtually silent.

A parking bay at Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Road has been fitted with the new charging equipment in addition to the existing point at Wandle Recreation Centre, Mapleton Road.

To use the facilities residents need to register with the council and receive a special charging cable and electronic key fob. Scheme members can charge up their batteries at both of these bays for free, as well as use several other charging sites across London.

The first 20 applicants to sign up will have their membership fee reduced from £100 to £75 as part of a special promotion. As well as benefiting the environment electric vehicle are exempt from road tax and the congestion charge. Owners also enjoy free parking privileges in some areas and low insurance costs.

The council's environment spokesman Cllr Sarah McDermott said, "The new charging point will help encourage more motorists to make the switch to electric power and make an important difference to local air quality. Electrically powered vehicles are quiet, less-polluting, economic to run and very fuel efficient. We want more boroughs to invest in this type of infrastructure.”

July 17, 2009