Putney's Hidden Gems

Whilst the bridge is closed take time to discover new or old favourites!

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Putney Bridge is currently closed for essential repairs but Putney Town Centre is open for business and would welcome you to come and discover the beauty of Putney, the great range of retail shops, fine restaurants and pubs, relaxing cafes, excellent entertainment and of course the river bank.

Each day during the bridge closure works the Town Centre Manager will identify a gem of Putney which she recommends you visit.

Week 3 - Focus on the Embankment

Monday 28th Putney Sculpture trail
Putney Sculpture Trail encompasses nine sculptures by British sculptor Alan Thornhill which are permanently publicly sited along the south side of the River Thames either side of Putney Bridge. They are located between Leaders Gardens to the west and Prospect Quay/Riverside Quarter to the east - a distance of approximately one mile. The first sculpture, Load, was unveiled in 1989. The others were publicly launched on 14 September 2008.
The sculptor asks you to view the sculptures with an open and enquiring mind, without preconceptions of either form or meaning.

Tuesday 29th Crew room
Crewroom is a British performance brand with a sustainable ethos. They’ve been in business for 12 years and, with a proud heritage in the rowing world, they’ve used their knowledge and understanding of performance garments and the needs of endurance athletes to expand their retail range into the run and trail markets.

They are based in on the banks of the River Thames in Putney. They design and road test all their kit here in the UK, drawing upon a pool of British talent from the London College of Fashion to performance athletes, many of which have represented GB at international level.

They have developed their own fabric: the sustainable Vapour-X series which draws on Bamboo Charcoal Technology and incorporates recycled polyester. They’re proud to report that the fabric and garments have had rave reviews by runners and press alike and won a Gold Award in Men’s Running Magazine 2012 and a Silver Award in Women’s Magazine 2013.

They also run various exercise classes and runs from the studio on the Embankment.

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July 23, 2014