Cars Caught In Putney Embankment Flooding

Lack of knowledge of local tides leads to expensive errors

Picture: Paul Benton


High tides take BMW from Embankment to Barn Elms Boat House

High Tides at Putney Embankment

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High tides on Putney Embankment have once again claimed more victims with carelessly parked car being inundated with water.

This Sunday (10 May) at least four vehicles were trapped by the high afternoon Spring tide despite warning signs and widespread coverage of a BMW soft top being taken out by the tide onto the foreshore in February, after parking on the Embankment.

In May 2018 a 4x4 was taken by the high Spring tide.

These will not include subscribers to our Putney weekly newsletter who get notifications of forthcoming high tides. In addition, a listing of high risk times is published on the front page of this site and Environment Agency warnings about heightened flood risk will appear on our Twitter account.

No sitting on the benches in Leader's Gardens - David Nicholson

The tide on today it would have caught tennis players by surprise if it was not a banned sport under current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions as the tide crossed Leader's Gardens and on to the courts.

Tide reaches tennis courts in Leader's Gardens - David Nicholson

A list of exceptionally high tides is published below with the very highest tides marked in bold. These predicted tide heights will not necessarily be the times when flooding occurs as other factors such as rainfall and the Thames Barrier can influence actual tide heights.

Exceptionally High Tides at Putney Bridge
Tide height
05/05/2020 7.0 13:30
06/05/2020 6.9 01:47
06/05/2020 7.2 16:23
07/05/2020 7.1 02:37
07/05/2020 7.3 15:09
08/05/2020 7.3 03:53
08/05/2020 7.4 17:33
09/05/2020 7.4 04:08
09/05/2020 7.4 16:36
10/05/2020 7.4 04:53
10/05/2020 7.2 17:17
12/05/2020 6.9 06:26
23/05/2020 6.9 15:50
24/05/2020 6.9 04:04
24/05/2020 6.9 16:24
25/05/2020 6.9 04:40
04/06/2020 7.0 14:00

If you spot cars parked in the water on Putney Embankment please do send pictures to to help us raise further awareness of the danger.

May 14, 2020

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