Lights, Action, Christmas in 'Festive Road'

Putney street brought together by decorating their trees


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For the third year in a row all 22 trees in Festing Road have been decorated. Baubles, coloured and flashing lights are the order of the season.

They have become so popular that locals make special walks down this street by the river just to see the lights. Which go nicely with the splendid lights so many of the boat houses have put up this year. And another feature has been Leo Thompson from Fulham and Jonathan Corbett from Wimbledon copying their parents and successfully introducing the idea in their streets. It may be the start of a national trend.

Organiser Hugh Thompson said, ”It’s another idea that brings us altogether, my wife and I don’t have our own tree, we share two with our neighbours. They do the lights, we the baubles. This year we have had five or six households move in and out and this is a great way of the newcomers becoming part of the street community.”

Victoria Nicholson a long-time resident says, ”For me, our street lights signal the beginning of Christmas and are a reminder of our fabulous community - who doesn’t need a bit of magic and fun at this time of year? “

Author Katie Campbell says,” It is a total delight to turn onto Festing Road in these dark gloomy late afternoons and find the street sparkling so welcomingly. “

Pete Watts a leading ‘light’ in the street says, ”The lights have become so popular I think we should think of selling tickets and giving guided tours. They get better every year, they make us all proud.”

Reflexologist Vivien Knowland made the point, ”This year we really needed some joy and sparkle and our trees give us that and so much more.”

ADZ a UN worker who recently moved into the street with his two children said,” The lights and putting them up were a wonderful welcome to a magical community.”

But not all are in favour, Jeremy commented, ”My wife is in favour but everyone doing their own thing is a bit of a mess I wish there was more coordination like in Bond Street.”

December 11, 2020

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