The Children Remember This Remembrance Sunday

What the latest generation think about the Festing Road memorial

Bella Williams at the Festing Road memorial
Bella Williams at the Festing Road memorial


A Street Remembers in West Putney

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Two years ago Festing Road made history by being the first road to put down a memorial to the four neighbours who made the ultimate sacrifice in World War One.

This was unveiled by Wandsworth councillor Mike Ryder.

While older street members knew grandfathers, dads and uncles who had fought in that and the Second World War what of the youngsters in the street?

Ten year old Bella Williams says, ” Although I don’t think about it a lot I think it’s good that we have somewhere special in the street to remember those who died in battle. I don’t know much about the War. I think one memorial is enough, it makes it more special. It’s good that our street remembers.”

Across the road nine year old Sophie Watts wasn’t so sure, ”I’ve never really noticed it, I’ve never read it or thought about it but I do appreciate those that fought in the War.”

Six year old Amelia McKee and her younger brother Max weren’t even sure that there was a memorial. As their dad, David said, ”I think they are bit young , give them a couple of years.”

Festing Road marks the passing of four residents killed in the first world war

A few doors down is fourteen year old Pip Bennison who says, ”The memorial is right next door and every time I pass it I think 100 years ago it was our neighbours who went off. We have done World War One at school and so I know all about the Archduke being assassinated. The memorial makes me proud of our road, I often see people walking down the street stopping and taking pictures of it. It’s important we don’t forget. Though my friends don’t really notice it as they are always on their bikes.”

Likewise 13 year old Ben Nicholson thinks “It’s good that we remember what happened, we’ve done it at school it must have been terrible in the trenches.”

Hugh Thompson

November 6, 2020

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