MP Praised for supporting energy efficiency

Tony Colman calls for action not just brave words to reduce carbon emissions

The Sustainable Energy Partnership today welcomed Tony Colman MP's support for measures to achieve carbon savings by signing House of Commons Early Day Motion (EDM) 1219, which calls for the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to publish their promised Strategy for Domestic Energy Efficiency Improvements as a matter of urgency.

This strategy was first announced last year and is a vital measure to achieve government stated targets of 5 million tonnes of carbon savings from domestic energy efficiency by 2010, a further saving of between four and six million tonnes by 2020, and the achievement of 400MW (Megawatts) of electricity generated by micro CHP by 2010, as specified in the Government's Combined Heat and Power (CHP) strategy.

Mr. Colman's action is a much-needed move to highlight the importance of measures to reduce carbon emissions to meet climate change targets, prevent further global environmental damage and end the scourge of cold homes and fuel poverty.

Commenting on the EDM, Tony Colman MP stated: "The Government has made a commitment to these targets for domestic energy efficiency and micro CHP so we now need a strategy to ensure that the practical measures are put into place to achieve these objectives. It is time to turn the government's brave words into action".

Ron Bailey, Organiser of the Sustainable Energy Partnership, welcomed Tony Colman's support for the EDM, saying; "More and more MPs are recognising the urgency of this matter. If we delay, we could miss our global obligations to cutting greenhouse gases and also sacrifice the opportunity of improving the energy efficiency of people's homes so vital to ending fuel poverty. The technology is ready and waiting and we need the right policy instruments to encourage UK business to invest and take advantage of the market in energy efficiency".

August 7, 2003

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