Cycling resident seeks like minded individuals

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If you are interested in joining Maurice and other residents who share a passion for cycling please contact him on 07867 667937

Putney on top ten cycle route

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to get together to enjoy the pleasure of cycling - boy racers not invited!

A Putney resident for several years now, I often make the cycle journey from my home in the Lower Richmond Rd to Westminster; incorporating the death defying 'veer' across the northbound lane of Putney bridge, and later the exhilarating 8am whirl  that is Sloane Square. The experience certainly wakes me up, but is not quite as edifying as cycling the
embankment running parallel to Putney Common, then on to Barnes, Kew and beyond.

Although all too few, I've enjoyed the magic of cycling the towpath on a sultry summer's day, or a crisp bright day in one of the other seasons, my senses enveloped with the feeling of freedom; the smell of the brine and the glistening river. Here, my cycling pace seems adequate for the serenity of the vista, unlike my morning commute where I occasionally wobble in the wake of lyres blurs who overtake me an ease about which I feel frustration tinged with a degree (just one) of admiration!  Not that I'm an ambler you understand, just that I can't be bothered with the whole competitive cyclist thing. I like to put my back in to things, but I don;t feel I've got anything to prove either.

For me, cycling is a great pastime, and a wonderful way to enjoy the environment we are privileged to share. However, life is about more than bikes, sweat and gears! We should be able to enjoy the experience without the need to 'rank' ourselves; and also to use it as a vehicle for socialising; not a vehicle that provides a channel for the same isolation enjoyed by the average 4am X-box'er!

To this end, I set about finding a group of likeminded individuals for whom sub-sonic cycling; the local environment (and other areas of interest or beauty around London), together with socialising is a common objective! 
For this particular objective I didn't work all that hard, because during most weekdays I work all that hard doing other stuff for other people. However, what attempts I have made have, to my surprise, drawn a blank.

As a consequence of all this, I'm wondering if there are those amongst the SW15 community who might be interested in joining with me to form a group of like minds to go on the occasional interesting cycle ride, relax and enjoy and meet people in an informal atmosphere without an agenda. If there are, then I'd love to hear form you. However, if I don't hear a word, I guess I'll just have to keep on pedalling in the hope that one day I'll catch up with those Lycra boys, and perhaps more remotely, that they'll have something interesting to say when I do!


October 26, 2006