Cyclists warned to be safe and to be seen.

A recent survey shows 51% of cyclists in borough had inadequate or no lighting!


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Wandsworth Council's road safety team is reminding cyclists and pedestrians of the importance of being visible to motorists as part of a recent road safety awareness campaign.

Schools across the borough have received leaflets and posters publicising the 'Be Safe, Be Seen' message. This followed a recent poster campaign run by the technical services department which focused on the dangers of drink driving, the new laws governing the use of mobile 'phones whilst driving and general road safety.

Road Safety Officer, Martin Andrews commented:

" As a pedestrian it is all too easy to disappear into the gloom of the early morning journey or the late afternoon trip home from school if you wear dark clothing, so wear something bright. And for cyclists it is vitally important for you to be seen on the roads by motorists and pedestrians. Fluorescent and reflective clothing together with the legally required cycle lights help others to see you."

Cyclists are required to display British Standards approved lighting at the rear and at the front of their bike as well as a reflector to the rear.


February 2, 2004