Met Borough Commander comments on Crime Figures

"a great of the best results in any London borough....."

  "Spectacular success" - latest crime results

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Latest crimes reported in Puney & Roehampton

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"This is a great tribute to the hard work of the staff here at Wandsworth and the quality of the work we do with our partners in the council and elsewhere, and is one of the best results in any London borough. The challenge for us in the coming year is to keep this level of performance going and improve people's quality of life in other ways through the introduction of the local Safer Neighbourhood teams, one of which is based in Roehampton."

Chief Superintendent Martin Jauch took over as Borough Commander of Wandsworth Borough police in February 2001.

He believes that the strength of the borough is based on the long-standing partnership between local police, Wandsworth Council and the community. To succeed in reducing crime and disorder the Met put sustained effort into encouraging everyone to support them, their aims, and encourage others to play their part, whether through residents groups, Neighbourhood Watch or Crime Prevention Panels. Together, he is determined to maintain Wandsworth's reputation, as one of the safest Boroughs in inner London.

May 14, 2004