Putney Safer Neighbourhoods raise awareness of bike thieves in the area

and measures they can take to make their bikes secure.

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Putney Police Safer Neighbourhood Team need the bike riders who live or travel through the area to know that by taking security measures to protect their bike, it makes the lives of bike thieves a lot less rewarding.

The summer months usually see a lot more people riding their bikes and criminals trying to steal them. Don't let yours be one of those stolen this year. Think about buying a good solid lock and registering your bike details with the immobilise.com website.

Thamesfield’s Sergeant Sean Mooney, said: “Get a good lock and use it to lock your bike to a secure bike stand. The immobilise website is a service supported by the MPS, which allows people to register their bikes and other valuable items.”

Safety tips

    ·       Lock your bike before leaving it, even if it is only for a few minutes.
    ·       Lock cycles through the frame and the wheels. It may be practical to have more than one lock to do this. Secure or remove quick release wheels, lights and saddles.

    ·       Ensure you have recorded the make, model and serial number of your bike. The police hold a large number of recovered bikes but are unable to trace the owners. Don't let your bike be one of those untraceable bikes.

    ·       Use a UV pen to write your postcode on your bike.
    ·       You should consider insuring your bike. Cycles may be covered under your house contents insurance. If your cycle is of a particularly high value, you may need separate insurance.

    ·      www.immobilise.com - follow the guide on the website to register your products.
    ·      www.wandsworth.gov.uk/getitback website of photos of retrieved stolen property.
    ·       Crime Prevention Officers can be contacted through the switchboard on 020 8870 9011.

June 7, 2006