Gun Found Off Roehampton Lane

During weapon sweep following reports of gun shots


Police in Putney

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On Thursday 24th February 2011 Sgt Bott and PC Voong recovered a hand gun that had been discarded just off Roehampton Lane SW15.

Following reports of a two gunshots being heard the previous night the officers were conducting a weapons sweep of the local estates. PC Voong noticed some rubbish that looked out of place and upon moving it around found what appeared to be a hand gun and some ammunition discarded in a plastic bag. The firearm was yesterday proved to be a blank firer and the ammunition as live blanks.

PS Andy Bott of Roehampton Safer Neighbourhoods Team said
‘This was an excellent piece of work by PC Andrew Voong and shows the possible rewards to conducting weapons sweeps. This is another firearm out of criminals hands and off the streets.’

March 3, 2011