Roehampton SNT wins Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Year Award

Thanks to quantity & quality of nominations

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Roehampton Safer Neighbourhood team were awarded the Wandsworth Borough Neighbourhood Watch, Police Safer Neighbourhood Team of the Year Award for 2009.

The Roehampton team was the winner, thanks to the quality and quantity of nominations received by local residents and community partners.

Comments from local residents such as
"As a father to a six month old baby and partner/carer to a disabled child, it is a comfort to know and be aware that due to the SNT it is becoming a pleasure to live in Roehampton again"

" I like the police here, you can always talk to them about anything without getting into trouble - and I doubt I will with them around"


"As a single mother I cannot express enough how things have improved since the introduction of the team and for the first time in years my 10 year old son and I feel safer on the streets of Roehampton."

were taken into consideration by judges from Wandsworth Neighbourhood Watch Association Committee.

Roehampton SNT attended a ceremony held at Wandsworth Town Hall on Thursday 28 January to accept their award. The team was presented with a trophy and individual certificates by the Mayor of Wandsworth.

The award was introduced last year by Wandsworth Community Safety Unit to celebrate the positive relationship between members of the public and the Safer Neighbourhoods teams in the borough.

Safer Neighbourhoods, Chief Inspector Graham Simpson said
‘Roehampton safer neighbourhood team were worthy winners of this award. The teams presence, visibility and commitment to solving local problems on their ward has made residents feel safe and has significantly improved their quality of life. The evening was a proud moment for the officers and Wandsworth Police.’

Cllr Cousins said, "The competition came down to a close race between the Roehampton and Fairfield SNTs - both of which received massive support from their local communities.What really impressed us was the sheer range of reasons people gave for supporting their team. It was astonishing to hear all of the different ways these officers have improved people’s lives and sorted out local problems.  They are clearly very popular people and this competition gave the community an opportunity to express their thanks."


February 9, 2010